A few words about what we do

We're a small, friendly and talented team of software developers who believe it's your right to have a faithful relationship.

What do we do?

We specialize in finding cheaters on Dating Apps and Dating Sites.

Believe In What We Do

At BuzzHumble, we provide the world's most accurate search over the largest distance. Nobody comes close.

Some Facts About Us

Founded in 2017, BuzzHumble is a company started in Christchurch New Zealand

Find someone on Bumble

Active geo location search

Our search engine takes a practical approach to finding someone by quickly indexing possible matches based on the information you provide us. We don't know of any competitors quite like us.

Geo Location Search

Takes private investigation to a whole new level with advanced geo placement.

Name and Age Matching

Gives you more accurate profile matching.

Search Ranges

Also see approximate matches and change the name you're searching unlimited times for free.

Search for someone on Bumble

Geo Location Matching

More refined results based around the specific geo location you want to target.

Indexed Profile Results

Fast results and answers in no time.

Value for Money

By far the most cost effective, accurate dating app profile search in the world.

Have a few questions? We've got answers!

Here are a few commonly asked questions.

What happens once I order my report?

As soon as you request a report, your search criteria are integrated into our processing queue. Instantly, you'll receive a direct link to monitor and review your report at your convenience. Our commitment doesn't take a break. We ensure delivery of reports even on weekends and holidays

What if my partner changes their locations frequently?

BuzzHumble sets the bar high by scanning a broad 50-mile radius around your chosen location. We guarantee superior accuracy. What's more? We're the only service that provides you with free updates to your report. Choose BuzzHumble for unmatched value and precision.

How will I get my report?

Upon checkout, we promptly provide you with your report link, both directly and via email. As a courtesy, we'll also send you a notification email once our comprehensive scan of your chosen area is complete.Our process is swift and efficient, designed to serve your needs in the shortest time possible.

Ready to find someone on Bumble with geo location search?