How Professionals Spy on and Catch Cheating Spouses

Lets face it…We live in a world where the cheats are easily tempted. Between social media sites like Facebook, dating apps like Bumble, and discrete communication systems like WhatsApp, its no wonder you are reading this article. If you are trying to catch a cheater you should look no further. What you’re about to read is a no fluff compilation of methodologies used by professionals that you can use to find out whether or not your spouse is, or was cheating.

It starts with a terrible feeling that somethings not right. Maybe its a lack of eye contact, maybe its a new scent… Or maybe its even an upside phone at the dinner table, and maybe that phone has all of its notifications disabled.

Whatever it may be, you found us, and what you are about about to read could get you in trouble. If you’re ever considering spying on your spouse to determine if they are really a cheat then we highly recommend you do ample research and be completely sure that what it is your going to do is legal. For example, in many if not most jurisdictions it is perfectly legal to put an affordable GPS tracker on your own vehicle, but not on someone else’s. You have been warned. The following methods are highly effective ways you can catch a cheater.

5 Ways to Catch a Cheater that work:


Catch that cheater with their own phone: Phones hold valuable information. Here is how you can actually get it.

The easiest way a cheat could explain the reason they keep their phone flipped upside down is that they want to be respectful. Its a bit harder for them to explain why its never making any kind of notification sound, and why you can’t ever borrow it to make a phone call. A good test to determine whether or not they are cheating, or whether or not you should further investigate them is by asking them to use their phone. However… If you can legally get your hands on that phone without asking, here some important information so keep reading.

Phones these days have screen locks, a do not disturb setting, and everything in between. You can disable screen notifications from giving away your information and even have your phone auto lock when you leave it unattended. But did you know that your phone typically won’t auto lock for a period of 15 seconds? You will get a few moments to activate their phone once they put it down, and get access to it without hindrance. Below we outline some steps on the best way to get that phone and figure out what’s going on before they can stop you. Its going to cost you some money, but at least you will know. You have to be careful. People sometimes kill each other over what’s on their phone. For example in the highly publicized murder of famous blogger Gabby Petito, it was said by police that her first violent encounter with Brian Laundrie was possibly over the contents of a cell phone. Read more about the Gabby Petito Murder investigation on the insider.

Here is an idea to really find out what’s on that phone…

Step 1. Buy an identical phone and run the battery down completely. Its not uncommon for phones to have battery faults that cause them to lose power too quickly. Better yet, get a broken one that won’t even turn on. A cheat won’t care if their phone died as long as its still in their hands. They are unlikely suspect a quick slight of hand. If they notice that you have their phone with the screen lock off, its almost guaranteed they will physically take it from you at all costs.

Step 2. Write a be right back note on a stick note, perhaps stage some kind of emergency or situation that will get you out of the room for as long as you need. Have your note ready.

Step 3.) Get access to your spouses phone right after the screen is turned off. The best way is to wait for them to use the bathroom. A cheat often won’t take their phone with them as to avoid suspicion. Just be near-bye and when you get that phone, turn the screen out and make sure you have it without a lock. Once you do, put down that decoy phone and go to your car and then drive down the road until you are safe. Leave a note on the door, say an important call just came in about your parents health, whatever you have to say.

Step 4.) Go through that phone. Don’t focus on getting screenshots unless you need them for legal reasons. Go through deleted texts first. To see them on android Android find the “Trash”, button under settings. Next open up their facebook messenger and see what’s going on actively. If you don’t see anything there remember to check their search history to see who’s profile they have been peeping on.

Step 5.) See if they have dating apps installed. This one can be tricky because a common habit among cheaters is to install, then delete these apps regularly to avoid detection. You can likely use their phone to see if they are doing this because most of these apps just log in via SMS. If you can’t get their phone, then this is where our service at Buzzhumble comes into play. We scan tens of millions of Bumble profiles both actively and historically. We have the worlds most comprehensive database of dating app profiles by far. If you can’t get a hold of their phone, try our service here. If you mention this article we might even give you a freebie! Oh, and another thing. You can see what apps were recently installed on Android and possibly iPhone can opening the respective app market, and tapping in the search bar. A list of recently searched apps will likely show up.

Step 6.) Look through their contacts for anything odd. For example, nobody saves ‘Dominos’ as a contact. The delivery driver is usually different each time. Take your time on this one.

Step 7.) Check sent emails. Inboxes are typically chockfull of spam but the send box is a different story.

Step 8.) If you find something incriminating, do what you want with the phone. If not, do the same.


Does your cheating spouse use Google Chrome? Learn how to access their google chrome passwords without their computer password.

There are some resources on the internet suggesting that you could get someone’s google chrome passwords if you know their computer password. We find it difficult to believe that a cheater would give their computer password up. However, if they are logged in, you don’t need their computer password in order to view their chrome passwords. How exactly? I’ll explain. These steps are for Windows, but if you have a nerd friend you could just as easily do them on a Mac.

Step 1.) Plug in a USB drive

Step 2.) On the computer, click the search bar where it says “Type here to search”, and enter the command “run”, and hit enter. A window will pop up with a new box for typing a command. Type in “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data.”, without the double quotes and hit enter. From there you will be presented with a series of files, and folders in a new window. This is in essence, a perfect snapshot of your targets internet browser (passwords included).
Step 3.) Select all files, and folders, and copy them to your USB drive. Disconnect your USB drive, close the window.

Step 4.) On another computer later on perform Step 2. after closing all existing Chrome windows. This time back up everything you see in that folder so that you don’t erase your own browser data!

Step 5.) Once you have backed up the data, delete everything in that folder, and then copy all the files from your earlier activities involving the USB drive into the newly empty folder.

Step 6.) Open Chrome, and just like magic you can access all of their passwords and information as if you cloned their browser.. because you did.

This can be a risky operation, but it will give you more evidence to potentially catch a cheater.


gps trackers are your best friend

Watch a cheater from afar: You can never go wrong with a GPS.

When people hear about GPS trackers they often think it to be a difficult process. It turns out that its extremely easy to purchase one of these on Amazon and hide it in, or on a car. These trackers use very little power, and can easily give you a full month of extremely accurate map data showing exactly where your car has gone? These trackers come with water proof magnetic boxes that can easily let you stick the device up inside the wheel well of the car. You most likely won’t have to pay for a private investigator with one of these devices. This may be the easiest way to catch a cheater.


This is a real camera

Use Small Cameras

You may not think that a cheater would talk to an affair partner while sitting across the room from you, actively speaking to you, but they do. The truth is that this is one of the safest ways to do it. With a notification free phone that locks when you hit the power key you can do just about anything you want. Bold-faces lies are often the most effective. If you want to get the scoop on what someone is doing but you aren’t comfortable taking data, or devices from them, there is another option. You can find a plethora of tiny cameras online that can be hidden in places behind the preparators computer or phone screens. Be careful, and make sure to hide the camera someone that isn’t obvious. It may be good to introduce a new object that has some utility and a camera pre-built / hidden inside of it to normalize the presence of the object. I.E an alarm clock with an internal spy cam.


Use Audio Recorders

Audio records are quite a bit easier to set up than tiny cameras and you can buy them from your local Walgreens. If you’re thinking that maybe your partner is having frequently phone calls with an affair partner then you can easily stick a digital recorder inside of something else like a stuffed animal and leave it under the car seat. Plenty of people have been caught using methods similar to this affordable way to catch a cheater.